It’s a stretch for me to read this book and relate to Marty.  I’m not an animal person, especially not a dog person.  I wonder if I will be able to relate more to Marty later on in the book for other reasons.  I’m pretty sure I will because he seems to be such a caring person.  What do you think of him thus far?

I’m impressed  with Marty’s obvious love of animals (even if I can’t fully relate).  What do you think about his pursuit of a career as a veterinarian?  Why does his dad tell him to be a vet assistant rather than a vet?

Why do you think Marty’s family can’t have any pets?  I think it’s probably related to their lack of money.  They seem to be barely making it.  It seems as though searching for cans along the roadside is a way they regularly attempt to earn extra money.  Can you imagine that?  I wonder if this is how most families in the Appalachian Region survive.

I’m worried about Marty now that he has decided to take Shiloh in and take care of him.  To be honest, Judd scares me a little.  I’m worried about what might happen to Marty if Judd finds out Shiloh is with him.

…til we blog again…  Mom